Discover how to prevent stretch marks

Stretch marks are fine lines that appear on the skin and are darker than natural skin tone. Stretch marks occur most frequently on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs or breasts. Initially they are pinkish, but in time they change their color and become silver or white.

Causes of stretch marks are large fluctuations in weight (during pregnancy, puberty), stress and hereditary factors leading to stretching and tearing of elastic and collagen fibers. The best way to prevent them is adopting a healthy and balanced diet. In this regard, it is recommended the daily consumption of enough water (6-8 glasses) for the body to remain hydrated. A well hydrated body maintains the natural elasticity of the skin and also helps to produce a sufficient quantity of collagen. People who drink a lot of coffee daily need to increase the volume of water consumed because caffeine dehydrates the body. Applying of stretch marks creams keeps the skin hydrated on the outside. Also, an important role in skin hydration plays vitamins A, C, E and zinc (stimulates the recovery of cells). Foods rich in these vitamins and minerals are vegetables, fruits, fish oil, almonds, nuts, leafy vegetables, eggs, beans and fish. However, the diet must also contain tomatoes, dairy products low in fat, seeds and nuts. Avoid drastic diets because they produce sudden weight loss, a common cause of stretch marks. More info

Stress, hormonal treatments or birth control pills can deplete the body of essential nutrients needed for skin elasticity. Therefore, ask your doctor that during these treatments to recommend you a course of supplements containing vitamins and minerals. Daily exercise is an important habit that brings great benefits to your skin; increase the blood circulation and improves the absorption of stretch marks creams. Also do not scratch and massage the affected areas with abrasives products because stretch marks can be extended; the massage should be done gently with creams and oils. Stretch marks in pregnant women can be reduced if the weight is accumulated gradually.

Besides creams and lotions you can buy, there are also many home remedies that can be a useful tool in the fight against stretch marks.

The simplest homemade remedies are made of Aloe Vera (a plant used to treat burns). An effective cream is made of 1/4 cup Aloe Vera gel, 1/2 cup olive oil, 4 vials of vitamin E and 2 vials of vitamin A. You can use it 2 times per day.

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Netflix Alternative: Where to watch TV Shows Online

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How to make the perfect whiteboard animation

Making a doodle video can be very complicated and can take a lot of time and resources. Even after all this time and money has been spent is no guaranteed that you will get the perfect whiteboard animation for your company or product. That being said here are a few ways to swing the odds in your favour to create and awesome video which captures the visitors imaginations and makes a lot of money for your business.


Firstly, make the video interesting. It is hard to emphasise this enough nothing will kill conversions faster than a boring video. If your video is boring poorly drawn, or plain dull their hand don’t expect anybody to watch it to the end. This is also known as the video retention rate, generally speaking the more interesting and captivating videoed the higher the video retention rate will be and conversely the worse the video are less people will watch the video to the end and the lower your video retention rate will be.

The perfect whiteboard animation will have a high retention rate as such needs to be super interesting and drawn with a lot of unique images and ideas. Equally important is the voice-over for the whiteboard animation which adds life to the video and is just as important as the drawings.

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Saving Your Business Money With An Automated Appointment Reminder

Thank goodness for automated appointment reminders, otherwise a lot of people would forget there appointments. This service is especially great for doctor offices to remind patients of there appointments. It also saves the doctor’s office money and saves the patients from missing a very important doctors visit. This is especially helpful to elderly patients who have a hard time remembering all of their appointments.

The services of automated appointment reminders also include such things as text message appointment reminders and email reminders as well. Also schools are know using these services as well to inform parents of important school functions, weather delays, and reminders that a child has missed school. Getting automated appointment reminder services for your business can promote your business by reminding customers of appointments and bring in much needed revenues.

Using these services will also free up time for staff and personnel, so that they will be able to do other much needed tasks. You business will save more and more money buy using the automated appointment reminder. No more paying staff to stay over their regular work hours to call and remind customers of their appointments. It just keeps getting better and better. Technology is getting greater each and every day, and the purpose is usually to save a business much needed money.

Lipozene Testimonials and Other Important Information

I will begin this article by providing you with some actual Lipozene Testimonials. As with anything, you must take what people say with a grain of salt and make your own informed decision. A gentleman from Newaygo, MI stated: “I have lost four pounds and one inch off my waist.” He apparently had been taking the product for about two weeks.

Lipozene Testimonials

The Lipozene reviews around the internet are just as mixed as the Lipozene testimonials. The example above was from a customer who was able to reduce their body weight and was satisfied within two weeks of actually taking the supplement. There are negative Lipozene reviews as well. Some of the dissatisfaction appears to be in the fact that some of the users are not taking the supplement according to the instructions. The instructions state to take 2 Lipozene tablets approximately 30 minutes before each meal three times per day. You should consume the tablets with at least 8 ounces of water each time. Some people have had negative side effects due to not drinking enough water while taking the supplement. This included constipation, diarrhea and bloating. Since the supplement does absorb water in the body, you need to drink plenty of it in order to not experience these issues while taking the supplement.

Lipozene Claims

The company claims that just by taking the supplement alone you will lose weight. With weight loss comes a reduction in body fat, which the company stands by. It also claims that the product is completely safe and all natural. While increasing the amount of fiber gradually in the body is safe, too much all at once can be an issue. The other ingredients in Lipozene which are not clear could be an issue. Any manufacturer of a product should always state all of the ingredients on the label.

You do not need a doctor’s prescription and it is very easy to obtain Lipozene. They do have a 30 day money back guarantee on their website if you would like to give the supplement a try.   There are better options out there that have been proven to work.